Better Know A Draft Pick: Dontari Poe

04.03.12 6 years ago 17 Comments


Name: Dontari Poe
Age: 21

Position: Defensive tackle

School: Memphis
Year: Junior

Size: Large

Twitter: @bigpoe74

Car: Hummer

Potential Berman nicknames: Poe Toaster

Combine performance: The lone reason for this here profile. Poe, a rather sizable human, ran a sub-5.0 40 and put up 44 reps in the bench press. The workout was called “epic” by Todd McShay. Here is a quick list of other things McShay has described as epic in the last week.

-Last night’s bar crawl
-His season 1 DVD of Franklin & Bash
-His bros
-This one blowjob he got back in college
-The return of Punk’d
-An omelet
John Carter

Has Obama talked about him: Yes. Not so special now, are you Aziz?

Nicest comparison: Haloti Ngata
Meanest comparison: Ryan Sims

Strengths: Measurables
Weaknesses: Actual performance

Who wants him: Pittsburgh
Who will take him: Whoever watches the least film

What scouts are saying:

Immediate impact: Dominates mini-camp
Down the road: Cut

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