Better Know A Draft Pick: John Moffitt

02.27.11 7 years ago 42 Comments


Name: John Moffitt

School: Wisconsin
Position: Guard

Height: 6’5″
Weight: 323

KSK Comparisson: The Smails kid

Via SB Nation


Other eating habits:

One of the features of UW home games, called “Ask the Badgers,” plays on the video replay board and has players giving responses to a question posed by a fan. Last week, they were asked what they would do if they found money lying on the ground.

The best response is saved for last and this time — no surprise — it was Moffitt, who said he would probably eat it, like everything he finds on the ground. The Camp Randall Stadium crowd roared.

Oh man, he’s a Hog! Draft this man, Mr. Snyder.

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