Better Know a Draft Pick: Sharrif Floyd

03.06.13 5 years ago 32 Comments

Name: Sharrif Floyd

Age: 20

Height: 6’3″

Current weight: 297

Playing Weight: 303ish

Birth weight: 3 lbs 7 oz

School: Florida

Year: Junior

Position: He came to the Gators as a defensive tackle, but began his career there as an end. He moved back inside as a sophomore, and will play as a 4-3 tackle or 3-4 end depending on who drafts him.

How did he go out: Classy as f*ck.

Major: Social and Behavioral Science

Twitter: @sharriffloyd

Tweets nothing but: Pictures of himself.

What his tweets tell us: Now that he has some money in his pocket he should really stop buying knock-off jeans out of some guy’s car hole.

Potential Berman nickname: “I shot the” Sharrif Floyd

Nicest comparison: Muhammad Wilkerson
Meanest comparison: Pernell McPhee

Backstory comparison: Michael Oher

USA Today gives you the most of the story, but here is the quick rundown.

-Shitty childhood, left home young.
-Bounced around, grew into a big strong football player.
-Got invited to the US Army All-American game, but couldn’t afford to go.
-School counselor and some special ed kids helped him sell brownies to raise money. With a bit more help he was able to get to the game.
-Dominated the All American combine, then had two sacks in the game itself.
-Went to Florida, got suspended for receiving $2500 from Kevin Lahn.
-NCAA reduced the suspension on the grounds of personal hardship.
-Got adopted by Lahn, because apparently you can adopt 20 year old defensive tackles, buy them cars and throw them huge yacht parties. It’s called love, you guys. Stop being so suspicious.

Suggested name for the book based on this story: The Stunt

Strengths: Quickness, strength and athleticism
Weaknesses: Technique and stamina

Loved by: Urban Meyer, Will Muschamp and everyone else who seems to know him well.
Hated by: The NCAA, because that adoption thing is going to start becoming a problem for them.

What scouts are saying:

Who wants him: Carolina

Who will take him: Oakland (4.98 40)

Immediate impact: Strong, if he winds up in a 4-3, less so in a 3-4.

Down the road: Just hope that the Raiders don’t ruin him.

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