Beyoncé Releases ‘Yoncé’ Video, Jay Z Hits After Party In Her Hometown

12.23.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Target and Amazon can cry foul until the cows come home about Beyonce screwing them out of millions of dollars by releasing to iTunes first, but Mrs. Knowles-Carter is all about a dollar at the end of the day. And a few pissed off executives in a suite somewhere in New York or L.A. isn’t stopping her from padding Blue Ivy’s trust fund.

Yoncé released her visual for “Yoncé,” which is actually the song “Partition” on the album, but that’s beyond the point. She and friends seductively dance throughout the video, sometimes even touching and grabbing on one another. In a different description, this is about the closest to a “home movie” as we’re ever going to see so take what you can get and be happy with the outcome.

There’s nothing telling me otherwise Beyonce doesn’t get higher than telephone wires when the time permits. What does that have to do with this video? Not a damn thing, but let’s just say I’ve got to take a celebrity no one would suspect to a beer pong tournament or cannabis cup, I’m taking Beyonce. We may not win, but we’re going to shock a lot of people in the process.

And speaking of Beyonce, her husband swung through Gatsby in her hometown of Houston following his Magna Carta Tour stop. Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince and son Jas Prince, Slim Thug, Trae Tha Truth, celebrity jeweler TV Johnny, Kirko Bangz, Houston Texans’ Andre Johnson and Travis Scott were all in attendance. If life hadn’t have panned out how it did, an impromptu performance of “Big Pimpin'” or “Get Throwed” would have been the perfect Christmas gift.

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