‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Gets Dramatic In A New Trailer And 35-Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

04.29.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

This past weekend Beyond: Two Souls was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival, so Quantic Dream put together a very dramatic, very movie-like new trailer for the game. But don’t worry, David Cage may really wish Beyond: Two Souls was a movie, but it’s still (nominally) a video game, and we’ve got over half-an-hour of gameplay footage to prove it!

Hit the jump for the new trailer and gameplay video…

Okay, well, the game certainly looks ambitious, but well, I spend at least as much time watching movies as playing video games, and frankly if Beyond: Two Souls were a movie it looks like it would be a pretty average one. Don’t get me wrong, Beyond’s story is probably going to be very good, even groundbreaking, by video game standards, but by movie standards it looks a bit clunky, overdramatic, and man — Willem Dafoe isn’t exactly giving his A-game here, is he?

But hey, again, let’s not forget Beyond is video game. It can do stuff a movie never can! Let’s check out that gameplay footage…

Well, that was very Quantic Dream-sy! All the hot hobo nudging, coffee drinking and busking action you can handle! To be fair it also has Ellen Page pummelling dudes with a baseball bat, hobo baby delivery, and an intense burning building escape scene so you can’t accuse the game of a lack of variety. I dunno, I have to admit, I still find the game oddly compelling.

via Gamesta & Game Informer

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