B.G.’s Fresh Fatigues…

12.08.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

There comes a point in certain rappers careers where the need to rehash their past glory is inevitable. The booze-polluted nights and crops of blunts eventually add up (or don’t…) and not only do their brains appreciate the option to renovate former greatness, they take ease in knowing they’ve got one in the chamber.

Cue B. Gizzle and Mannie Fresh.

Ten years removed from his original Cash Money anthem, “Cash Money Is An Army,” B.G. re-enlists his longtime board sergeant for an updated record label roll call, “Chopper City Is An Army.” The beat might not hit quite as nice and the hook sounds a lil’ forced, but the Livin’ Legend still knows how to rile up the troops with his quick-drawl flow and fiery phrasing of fortitude.

Now, hopefully that battle-encrusted super dome of his can conjure up something new.


Download — B.G. – “Chopper City Is An Army” (Prod. By Mannie Fresh)

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