F.I.L.A. But This Ain’t Right…

05.28.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

Yes, I love Atlanta but these two items featuring Atliens left me shaking my head.

Point 1: Big Boi in CNN’s “Sneakerhead” article

Platinum plaques, stacks on deck & more butts than ashtrays. Sure, all of that. But never, never ever ever ever shall a self-proclaiming sneakerhead wear fakes/variants. Much less to be pictured on CN-motherf*cking-N with a pair? “Big Boi says he has 400 pairs, including crocodile-skin Nikes he’s never worn” and one obvious pair of fugazi’s. I know of that Nike hooked you up with the Air Force 1’s but I’m sorry Brother Patton. I’m going to go out on a ledge here & say that no one from Beaverton sent you those J’s. Instead maybe they came from…

Somebody’s stylist needs to get the axe and whoever is doing the checking @ CNN should be harshly reprimanded.

Point 2: Cop some chicken, get a Ciara CD

After the Oprah debacle, all interested parties should be leery in partnering with KFC. I’d have to disagree with Sandra in part. This isn’t necessarily a “fail” because A.) I can buy a piece of chicken for a few bucks & walk away with a $12 CD and B.) it’s going to pad Ciara’s Soundscan I would presume. And somewhere in there should fall the words about marketing, target audiences, etc. etc. et al.

But it has that whole “Damn homie. Back in high school, you was…” feel to it because when’s the last time you saw a Taylor Swift CD given away with the purchase of a Tide To-Go pen? Mariah peddling diamonds for Zales? Beyonce doesn’t allow her shitty Dereon jeans to be sold as K-Mart Blue Light Specials does she?

You are the company you keep.

At least you aren’t taking the Electrik Red route yet.

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