Big Daddy Kane Talks Biggie’s Biters, Group Sex With Tupac & Whole Madonna Controversy

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Big Daddy Kane ThisIs50 Interview

Gather around everyone. It’s story time with Big Daddy Kane. ThisIs50’s Young Jack Thriller caught up with King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal to shoot the breeze and the two ended up having quite the conversation as Kane spilled the beans over several different topics.

A quick synopsis:

— Kane casts his vote in the age old-debate of “Big Daddy Kane or Rakim,” which is a previous generation’s version of “Jay-Z or Nas.”

— Briefly explains the concept of the rap family tree where you can trace the lineage of styles from MC to MC.

— Remembers Biggie not wanting to collaborate with a certain big artist* because he was a biter. Per Kane, Big was afraid that if he sent in his stuff, the rapper would bite and then lay down his vocals so he called BDK for advice. He also makes an on-point analogy between shark biters, a Chrysler 300 and a Bentley.

— Talks about his relationship with Tupac, which stretched all the way back to Pac’s days as a back-up dancer with Digital Underground, who were once opening acts for Kane’s tour. Kane also shares an untold tale of how he warmed it up with a chick before Pac and the homies could smash.

— Meeting Biz at the Albee Square Mall in 1984 way before either artist had a deal. They battled, decided to link up and the rest is history.

— Biggest misconception about Big Daddy Kane, according to Big Daddy Kane? That he sexed Madonna.

I have YouTube ADD meaning it’s extra hard for me to sit still to watch a video. I’m usually on a page for less than a minute before I feel like x’ing out and going elsewhere on the ‘net. But even at 16 minutes, this interview with Kane plays more like a quick conversation with a homie you haven’t seen in a couple of years. You’re both glad to see each other, one of you starts throwing out questions and the next thing you know you’ve managed to run down the years. Well worth the watch.

* – I’ll wait on one of you rap wiz kids to determine who this artist was.

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