The iPod Shuffle – Big Pun’s “I’m Not A Player”

02.11.13 5 years ago 28 Comments

Why does “I’m Not A Player” get pushed aside so often for the utterly wack “Still Not A Player?”

Is it Joe? It can’t be because Joe sucks; don’t argue with me. Is it because DJs can’t help but follow up the infinitely better “I’m Not A Player” with the remix? That’s part of the equation, yet forgoes the billions of more spins the “Still Not Player” enjoyed. Is it more party friendly? Of course, but that doesn’t stop it from being shitty. Do the ladies like it more? Of course, but they also like Love and Hip-Hop. That doesn’t mean either should get shine.

My rage could go on and on about the unfair treatment directed at “I’m Not A Player.” It had all the things us rap nerds love in excess: more quotables, a much better beat and no Crap&B influence. So I’ll refrain and ask youse guys to play this song as many times as possible right here. Thank you and good day.

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