The iPod Shuffle: Big Pun’s “That’s How We Roll ’98”

02.07.14 4 years ago 7 Comments


Words By Preezy

Today, February 7th, marks 14 years since the passing of Hip-Hop legend Big Pun. Even though it’s been a century in rap years, the Punisher’s still considered one of greatest ever to do it out of the Boogie Down and what was essentially a year and a half of work stands as direct evidence to your greatness and untapped potential. Though other Latin rappers have made serious strides artistically, none have managed to match up to the massive footprints he left on the game and there’s a good chance none ever will.

So, while out and about during your Friday festivities, folks, be sure to pour out a lil liquor, roll one, and rub on a titty or two in his memory. Cause that’s “How We Roll.”

Edit: The month of his death has been updated to February, instead of January. Brain fart.

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