Bilal Talks Airtight’s Revenge With Maurice Garland

08.23.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Unlike Maurice, I have yet to hear Bilal’s new album Airtight’s Revenge. I haven’t even partaken to any of the leaks. September 14 (the release date) is only a few weeks away and with all the other new music floating around, I figure I can entertain myself until then. This past weekend Mo’ G. caught up with the man who is emancipating his first studio album since 2001’s 1st Born Second. I’ll let Mr. Garland take it from here.

With the current press run he is on right now, Bilal has a gang of (video) interviews on the web right now. But all of them pretty much focus on his past and “how do you feel about Love For Sale.” Luckily, I was able to ask him about specific songs from the album after hearing them. Especially “Flying” and my personal favorite, “All Matter” (a more personalized rendition of the song he recorded for Robert Glasper’s last album).

I didn’t get as much time as I would’ve liked but I think it still came out pretty cool. I have an extended version of this interview with stuff about him growing up in Philadelphia, growing up as a Jazz guy in a Hip Hop generation and how his early days as a songwriter almost had him ready to jump off a cliff…but its kinda lengthy and we all know folks don’t have the longest attention span on the internet. If ya’ll want me to post it later, I will.

This is out of left field, but I’ve always wanted Common and Bilal to do an entire project together just based off “Faithful” and “Black Maybe.” But yeah, now for your feature presentation.

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