Bill Belichick Receives Relatively Mild Ginger Hammering

09.26.12 5 years ago 28 Comments

After the Ravens’ winning field goal on Sunday night went suspiciously close to going over the uprights, Bill Belichick ran down a scab ref and grabbed him by the arm. The scab broke free, which is bad because Billy B should know better than to try to get away with arm tackles. Don’t bring that weak sh*t just ’cause it’s a scab.

Anyway, when it happened, everyone was like:

While a suspension seemed a touch extreme, a huge fine was certainly in order. You can’t put your hands on The Rog’s official Agents of Inadequacy. However, Roger Goodell lost all his legitimacy on Monday night, thus draining the Ginger Hammer of its might. Instead of the six-figure fine a once-draconian commissioner would have laid down, Grumblelord gets off only having to fork over $50,000, which is just twice what Kyle Shanahan got for yelling nasty language at another scab.

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