Bills Mafia Jersey Patches Are A Thing

07.09.13 4 years ago 35 Comments


Bills Mafia is a thing that started as a way for Buffalo fans to make fun of Adam Schefter on Twitter. As worthy an origin story as anything. Over the course of two years, it’s matured into… a bunch of Bills fans using the hashtag to accompany their Bills fan tweets. Quite a transformation. The group has, however, seen sufficient growth in its ranks that it now sells jersey patches for members to put on their Bills jerseys.

That’s right, Bills fans. For $7, you too can show off ties to your gangland mafioso of sports media. With a patch on your jersey that has a Twitter bird with the word MAFIA emblazoned over it. Some would call it dorky, but you can find a lot of folks who will say that about grown men wearing jerseys in the first place.

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