Bills Triumph Over Jets In The Battle To Employ Matt Leinart

08.25.13 4 years ago 39 Comments


The Buffalo Bills acquired the services of Matt Leinart. Presumably it’s to be a quarterback, but if the team needed a designated person to walk around asking “do you even crush/slay, bro?” no one would question it. That news story is already sad on its own, but it becomes doubly sad when you discover that another team was actually vying to sign Leinart. A veritable bro-stakes!

Of course, that team was the New York Jets, a team that made its business to consider signing every embarrassing available quarterback to its roster during the off-season, including David Garrard, Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell. The Jets had a need for another terrible passer with the injury to Mark Sanchez on Saturday.

Having Sanchez and Leinart on the same roster would have been a surpassing tandem of USC bustitude. At the same time, being a Bulls backup seems so right for Matt Leinart, it’s a good thing it happened before he’s laughed out of the league.

The Bills also traded for Thad Lewis, which is hilarious as well.

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