‘Billy on the Street’ May Have Just Outdone Himself With This Game: Ask A Squirter

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05.16.14 4 Comments


Well, it’s no getting a couple of ladies to have a very serious, in-depth conversation about Hannah Montana’s p*ssy — but I’ll take Billy Eichner accosting some random woman on the street, (as such is the game) asking her if she’s a squirter and then throwing out a bunch of random trivia questions is a close second. I don’t know if even I would be so quick to discuss the mechanics of my ladyparts with some random stranger with a microphone and camera, so kudos to this extremely good-humored woman.

I guess that’s the difference between me and someone who has literally been to Funkytown and back.

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Stacey lives in West Philadelphia where she enjoyed brief internet fame for live tweeting her neighbor having sex.

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