‘Billy On The Street’ Might Be The Funniest Game Show Ever

11.02.11 6 years ago

Go ahead and find Fuse on your cable box now if you don’t already know where it is, because judging by the trailer above Funny Or Die’s new game show “Billy On The Street,” hosted by comedian Billy Eichner — who at times sounds like he could be the guy who did the voiceover in the honey badger video — is going to be unlike any game show you’ve ever seen before.

As Eichner himself describes the show: “There are a lot of crazy people running around New York asking for money, but now there’s one you can win money from.” Yes, random contestants on the street get asked three rounds of pop culture-related questions. If a contestant needs help, they can ask a random stranger or tweet Billy’s followers.

With that said, describing this in words really doesn’t do it any justice at all. As Fuse notes in their press release about the show, “Billy covers all the bases with a hilarious urgency and an almost terrifying amount of passion.” So you really need to watch the trailer above to “get it.” You can thank me after.

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