‘Bioshock: Infinite’ Brings The Boss Fights

10.22.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Bioshock: Infinite is starting to get some attention that doesn’t involve human resources questions ahead of its February release date. And a lot of that seems to be around the enemies that are going to kick your fancy turn of the century butt.

Reaction among fans seems divided between whining about how this one is totally not a Bioshock game because it’s not set in Rapture and whining about the music selection being out of place with the setting.

Reaction among non-fans like me has been along the lines of “Hey! That looks really neat!”

I’ve never hated the games but they’ve never rocked my world, either. I do like the writing in the original game, but wasn’t surprised the second game couldn’t equal it.

The trailer first of all offers a teeny bit more insight into Booker DeWitt, who so far has been pretty much defined solely by his being one of two people in Columbia who appears not to be an insane racist. Secondly, it’s pretty heavy on the boss fights. In addition to the Handyman and the Boys of Silence, we see a sort of furnace guy who looks like a turn-of-the-century Heat Man, and a guy in a black hood with a coffin on his back who seems to have command of crows and a scythe. Subtle!

The Boys of Silence also seem to have some sort of area attack according to the trailer, and the area introducing them seems to be dimly lit: Bad for you, presumably good for them.

Beyond that, we see a few stages from the game, all of which look really good, and get to see a plasmid, sorry, tonic, in action that gives Booker fiery blistered hands.

While I’m back and forth about how good the game appears, the proof is in the playing, and if nothing else, the trailer packs a lot of interesting stuff into a minute and a half. Hopefully this will take the focus off Irrational’s human resources problems and put it back on the game, where it belongs. Also, I’m kind of hoping the turn-of-the-century Mega Man villain theme continues. The Handyman is obviously Gutsman, and maybe we can get a little Cut Man action going, Irrational?

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