'BioShock Infinite' Mastermind Ken Levine Is Also A Skilled Twitter Comedian

02.27.13 5 years ago

As you may have heard, BioShock Infinite, coming in March, is going to be… controversial in some quarters. And Levine, being a modern game developer, has a Twitter account.

Most game developers, especially with a controversial game, tend to ignore the, what’s a polite way of putting this, more strident tweets they get. Ken Levine is not most game developers.

Essentially, Levine’s Twitter is an ongoing and often hilarious collection of responses to the ridiculous stuff that washes up in his feed.

We could relate what’s going on, but why bother when Twitter has an embed function?

Levine sticks it to people who thinks he hates ‘Murka:

People who just take his game’s political content too seriously:

People who clearly aren’t paying attention:

And people who could seriously stand to consider their phrasing:

Also, he fields ridiculous questions:

It’s gotten to the point where we go there every day, simply because Levine’s got at least one really funny one-liner awaiting us. Of course, we’re sure all of this will dry up in March because there’s no way Twitter will ever explode with outrage. Surely not.

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