Bizzle Calls Out Everybody With His Extra Intense “Chi-Raq” Freestyle

05.12.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

bizzle chiraq

“Man, I really pray this track touches people and changes the hearts of many.”

The above words were sent in a tweet by Bizzle around the time he released his take on the “Chi-Raq” instrumental. The song’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongue since Lil Durk and Tyga’s war of words began and input from Game and L.E.P.’s Count only helped fan the flames. Figuring a topical response wasn’t enough, Bizzle dug deeper than the usual batch of Bandcamp rappers adding another freestyle to the pile.

At the outset, he makes it clear that his reason for adding his two cents isn’t a diss when he declares “And I started this verse before I heard about Tyga, Lil Durk, The Game and them, It ain’t to them, so don’t title mine like it’s my reply unless I say it is.” His track is a head-on attack focused on the current tension surrounding the situation as a whole. The Texas-based rapper takes everybody to task – rappers, cheering onlookers as well as social media instigators and media outlets, too – in under three minutes.

“When the killer black no peep about it,
When the killer white,
all of the sudden you got a whole Martin Luther King speech about it
Truth music, I make that,
Spit that real, no take-backs
You wanna get mad, I’ll take that
But how real are you when you hate that
We dying off, filling jails and who did it, us…
Is it poverty? Probably, but our millionaires still rap about it
Saw the joint called ‘Chi-Raq,’
Thought ‘good, somebody made a track about it
But all I heard was murder murder,
No peace talk, they just bragged about it
Is that what’s up? That’s how you do?
That’s how valuable a Black life is?
They said that we 3/5 of a man,
But how you get mad when we act like it.”

And that’s just the early half of the song. He’s crafted a cut that plays like social commentary. A new age version of Ice Cube’s “Us” in that he points out how we’re quick to blame others for our shortcomings but really aren’t doing ourselves any favors with our behavior.

Chances are none of the parties involved with the Tyga-Durk dispute will ever hear Bizzle’s version, much less respond to it. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t listen and think about our role in what’s going on.

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