The San Francisco Giants Have A Theme Song

11.02.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

Can you imagine how high Tim Lincecum is about to get now? For one, Prop 19 is garnering celebrity endorsements and residents from other states are lobbying for its passing in hopes of igniting a nationwide trend. Secondly, he pitched a hell of a gem in Game 5 of the World Series to give the San Francisco Giants their first series win since 1954 while ushering in an offseason of nonstop celebration. For his performance, he will be tossed the finest strands of ganja the Bay Area has to offer and open invitations to cyphers with Snoop Dogg.

Talk about quick turnaround time however. Don’t tell San Quinn, Cellski, DaVinci, Big Rich and Roach Gigz the Fall Classic was irrelevant this year. Borrowing Wiz’s ode to his hometown, these Bay Area sluggers give the pro ball team their official stamp of approval with “Black & Orange.”

Sidenote – It has been a lifelong quest of mine to obtain every Major League fitted. I would assume purchasing the Giants cap is out of the question at least for the next couple of months.


DownloadSan Quinn, Big Rich, Cellski, DaVinci & Roach Gigz – “Black & Orange” (San Francisco Giants Tribute)

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