Black Dave – “Take It Back” Video

08.23.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Black Dave Take It Back With Leo Fitzpatrick Jason Ano Peter Bici l

I don’t know much about Black Dave or his music. Just being honest. You know, new rappers spring up quicker than weeds which makes tough to track with who’s making noise across the map, no, the whole globe.

Not to say Dave is new, even though he sort of is since he’s a pro-skateboarder-turned-rapper*. Let’s just say he’s new to me. And, his making a joyous noise.

Still, my young ace Jim Deuce told me to take a look at Dave’s video for “Take It Back” and I was thrilled because the video pays homage to Kids and even includes Leo Fitzpatrick, who played Telly in the original flick. One can never go wrong by referencing Kids, Harold Hunter and Telly f**kin’ all the b*tches. It also helps that Dave’s flow is almost effortless and pleasing to the ears.

The track itself is slated for Dave’s upcoming project Black Bart.

* — I also enjoy watching all of these skaters (see: Jamal Smith earlier in the month) crashing into rap. Maybe they can give the whole scene around the music some balls again.

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