The iPod Shuffle – Blackalicious’ “4000 Miles”

10.03.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Blackalicious blazing arrow

Back around the turn of the century, Blackalicious was releasing renown albums and reeling in diehard fans at a rate most underground hip-hop acts couldn’t keep up with. Many of my friends at the time hopped on that bandwagon. Yet, while I understood their unorthodox appeal and appreciated the bar for bar talent, their overall sound wasn’t really up my alley and most of their catalogue never stuck around for the long haul in my book. Except for one song.

From the very first low scale keystrokes of “4000 Miles,” this bouncy jam from J5 and Blackalicious always has and always will grab my attention in any situation played. As a highlight from the Cali’s duo critically-acclaimed Blazing Arrow LP, I’ve personally heard this song quite a few times over the past decade and the track has yet to get played out. However, when you meld a super-catchy hook and marionette-like bassline together to drive home well-delivered raps with the theme of “melody and rhythm moving in unity” – well, there’s nothing to get sick of.

In all actuality, I should probably revisit the rest of Blackalicious’ catalogue. Considering I’ve loved this joint forever and wrote the rest of their work off before my tastes were a bit more cultured, there’s probably a good chance I’m foregoing further quality.

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