Blended Babies Ft. Asher Roth + Chuck Inglish – “See The World”

11.14.13 4 years ago


Blended Babies – the production duo comprised of JP Keller and Rich Gains – just started Blended Babies Music Group, which we can only assume means they’re gunning for underground Hip-Hop domination in the form of scratchy samples and keyboard flourishes.

To commemorate BBMG’s starting, the duo has released “See The World” with frequent collaborators Asher Roth and Chuck Inglish that pounds along with – you guessed it – scratchy samples and keyboard flourishes. Ash unleashes his trademarked quirky stream-of-consciousness rhyming, while Chuck adds in his level-headed braggadocio to fulfill step one in that underground domination plan.

Check out “See The World” below.

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