Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Promo Walls Are Awesome

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Sunday night — preceding their less critically acclaimed fare — HBO aired a new promo to season two of Boardwalk Empire. I caught it live because I can’t get enough Skarsgård. In it, Nucky attempts to make his way down the boardwalk, shaking hands and getting harassed, while also systematically catching glimpses of the secondary players in the show. It simultaneously builds drama and reminds the audience of storylines, which I have to imagine is what they were going for. HBO just released the HD version on YouTube. It’s below.

Like most things I didn’t appreciate it as much until I saw fan reactions on the internet, especially the two image walls I’ve included after the jump. They capture in stills and GIFs how truly well done the promo is. The first wall, partially included above, uses warms hues and glimpses of the action. The second is a GIF wall that focuses on the abundance of Michaels on the show (Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Michael Kenneth Williams). I like to imagine GOB Bluth saying “Michael!” over and over again.

So let’s just say I’m all of a sudden much less distraught about Game of Thrones ending and much more excited about Boardwalk Empire returning. Enjoy.

Source: Darmodys

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