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ruby sayed

Ruby Sayed

Bob Costas Explains His Redskins Remarks [Washington Post]

The Secret Of Eli Manning [Grantland]

Woman Hires Undercover Detective To Kill Daughter-In-Law [Urban Daily]

Turning Reebok “Outside-In” with Ian Paley of Garbstore [Hypebeast]

The 411 On The 313: A Brief History of Detroit Hip-Hop [Complex]

Yet Another Town Blames The Rape Victim [Kansas City Star]

Why Microsoft Word Must Die [Charles Stross]

What If A Flu Breaks Out When CDC Can’t Track It [Bloomberg]

Rocko Speaks On Never Intending To Be A Rapper [Hip-Hop Wired]

Eating Popcorn At The Movies Makes People Immune To Ads [Guardian]

Removing My Children From The Internet [Ryan McLaughlin]

Brilliant Orgasm Face Ad Campaign For ‘Nymphomaniac’ [Peeperz]

The Forgotten Startup That Inspired Google’s Business Model [Slate]

How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits [Lifehacker]

Keith Haring Takes Over A Bathing Ape For 2013 Capsule Collection [Giant]

Got ‘Grand Theft Auto V’? Join the TSS Crew via Rockstar’s Social Club. [RMF]

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