Bob Costas Quoted Hippity Hop On TV

04.03.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Sure, this is Bob Costas operating in his natural environment of naked baseball lust, but we all know Costas pulls Sunday night sanctimony duty during the NFL season, so this is relevant enough for a post in the first week of April. Anyway, Bob Costas was on MLB Network, where he was being asked who is his favorite rapper, which actually isn’t a bad question to ask Bob Costas. He responds Ludacris. You could certainly do worse, but it’s only because Costas was namechecked on one of his tracks. Still, this leads to things like “I have got to give props to Ludacris and “now I roll up torpedoes, get blunted with rastas” coming out of Costas’ mouth and the world is certainly better for that.

So wait, Costas occasionally does fun things when he’s dealing with baseball, but he’s all ranty about endzone celebrations and gun control when on football duty? Is his hatred of football that strong? Duh, yes, obvs.

[via Deadspin]

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