B.o.B. Feat. Lil Wayne – “Strange Clouds” Video

12.05.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Am I the only person who hasn’t come around to this one, yet? As much as I wanted to like Robert Ray’s latest radio single, the unoriginality of the dubstep-meets-smoking-weed theme seemed about as fresh as a hobo’s underpants. That’s why, when I saw the Motion Family were tackling the visual for this stormy forecast, I hoped the illustrious trio of visual genius could deliver a treatment that would make me a believer.

But, no, the video didn’t help at all.

Instead of pushing the boundaries and drumming up an eye-catching concept that actually elaborated on the loose alien metaphor B.o.B. and Wayne attempt to force-feed listeners, this video finds the two MCs in the middle of a field, staring blindly into the sky at spliced-in clips of digital clouds. Obviously, actually creating special-effect extra-terrestrials might’ve been a bit much, for a viral video budget. But, they knew that going in. Realistically, if they would’ve just dropped the word “strange” and made a song simply about smoking weed with a regular old cliche video, the end result probably would’ve had more staying power. Which sucks.

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