Bogus Scary Clown Sightings Land Two Georgia Residents In The Slammer

By: 09.15.16

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Over the last few months, clowns have been popping up across the South, terrorizing the American public, who just want to go to bed without having this nightmare fuel pumped into their heads. But some people may be jealous (who knows?) they are not part of this terrifying situation and have been fabricating sightings.

A couple in Georgia was arrested for making false claims about a clown terrorizing their neighborhood. WRBL-CBS reports that Brandon Moody called 911 and claimed he saw people dressed as clowns lurking around a white van.

When police arrived at the scene, they searched the van and saw no evidence of wrongdoing. But the situation grew more confusing, as Moody changed his story and said the clown sighting was the day prior. Police began to suspect there were no clowns, and maybe Moody had just made this up. And you know what, he did. Moody admitted he fabricated the story, and WRBL reported that his sister-in-law, Rebecca Moody, had also made a separate call about a false clown sighting.

While the fact people are getting arrested for fake clown sightings seems a bit comical, Troup County Georgia Sheriff James Woodruff told the LaGrange Daily News how his department has a “zero tolerance for anybody calling in false reports.” Both are facing charges of Obstruction and Unlawful Conduct during a 911 call.

(Via WRBL-CBS & LaGrange Daily News)

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