Boise State, San Diego State…In The Big East?

12.07.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Accepted is the idea that geography and proximity are no longer relevant in college sports. Teams are shifting conferences to position themselves for slices of the money pie. But my brain shuts down upon hearing today’s expected announcement by the Big East to bring in San Diego State and Boise State as football-only teams while adding Houston, Southern Methodist and Central Florida in all sports*.

The conference looks to be on its last legs after long-time members Pittsburgh, Syracuse and West Virginia announced their decisions to leave for greener pastures. But adding in two universities from such far distances just doesn’t register for me. How will fans develop rivalries? I’m not sure of the expenses but won’t travel costs grow exponentially for all of the schools except maybe Central Florida? Did Boise State ultimately hurt themselves by going to arguably one of the weakest BCS conferences or is there a silver lining to trouncing hapless South Florida?

* How the f*ck am I going to explain to my kid “Idaho is part of the Big East, son”?

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