Boldy James – “Consignment” Video

03.05.12 6 years ago

Fresh off the release of Consignment: Favor For A Favor, The Redi-Rock Mixtape, Boldy James delivers a video for the tape’s opening track, “Consignment.” He’s building off the frantic energy of the Black Noise-produced instrumental on this joint – even as it races around him, all pounding drums and singing strings, he keeps rhyming, steadily, reminiscing about dealing dope with a battering, matter-of-fact flow. The end result sounds dramatic, but Boldy stays cool and calm as can be, staring into the camera with what AJ aptly described as his “glassy, pensive gaze.” The video, directed by Lee Larkins, follows suit actually. No matter what goes down, Boldy just keeps moving forward, perfectly under control, looking to accomplish his goal.

Consignment’s available for stream and/or download here. I slept on the man’s first tape, Trappers Alley: Pro’s and Cons, The Quik-crete Mixtape, when it first dropped (grab it here). No need to make the same mistake twice.

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