The Bolo Tie Is Now A Thing To Be Feared, Says Novelty Shirt

01.09.14 4 years ago 44 Comments


The ongoing string of victories that have propelled San Diego into the divisional round of the playoffs have Chargers fans feeling strange sensations like hope and pride. Of course, the winning streak has been attributed to Philip Rivers’ new southwestern style, specifically the bolo ties he’s been wearing before and after games. Naturally, the entrepreneurial spirit of a man with an odd mustache was piqued and a FEAR THE BOLO shirt was created. On Wednesday, a local printing shop sold 200 of them and the local news IS ON IT!

Meanwhile, the Chargers are having a Bolo Tie Friday tomorrow and are encouraging fans to wear one. A Pixar artist made this image of Marmalard and his magical bolt tie. Everything’s coming up bolo!


It’s quite the marketing bump for bolo ties. Back when I worked in the sticks of Southern Maryland for WaPo, there was a high school that tried to ban a kid from getting a diploma because he wore a bolo tie to graduation. But thankfully the rest of the country is not Southern Maryland.

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