Bono And The Edge Are Going To Save Spider-Man

01.06.11 7 years ago

Since the official opening of musical debacle Spider-Man: It’s Dark In This Orchestra Pit has been pushed back (again) to February 7th for rewrites, the spokesman for the play (Rick Miramontez) has announced that Bono, The Edge, and Julie Taymor will be attending all performances between now and opening night. (They weren’t already?) They’ll be on hand to decide rewrites and song changes, and could even serve as an impromptu cushion for falling actors to land on. Anything could happen!  They’ll pay for the whole seat, but they’ll only need THE EDGE.*

Despite the Dec. 20 accident that sent stunt actor Christopher Tierney to the hospital and forced the cancellation of several performances, Miramontez says both cast and crew remain enthusiastic. “They’re very upbeat. I think they were extremely proud to have given the performance they did when they came back last Thursday. If anything, this has created a [sense of] solidarity.” [PopWatch]

Yeah, I know my coworkers and I never feel closer than when we’re watching one of our other coworkers almost die.  But really, it’s only fitting that Taymor, Bono, and The Edge be present for these performances.  Because it’s not officially a disaster area until Bono goes there.

* Except for The Edge, who will ironically use the entire seat.  The Edge doesn’t live by our rules.  Deal with it.

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