Bounty Killer Thinks He’s MC Hammer

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His tools are dirty. She didn’t cook or clean. She talk dirty. His strike is clean. B!tch, he’s Bounty Killer. He smokes ALL the green. Seriously, though. Why-oh-why is the only time you hear this dude’s name is when he’s doing some outrageous crap like stuffing his trenchcoats with premium ganja or calling some political official a homo. Someone needs to push this raggamuffin in the direction of a recording booth – and a good lawyer. It appears our beloved BK is in a bit of hot water after allegedly beating his bird’s brains in with a hammer.

A HAMMER SON! As in Daniel-San-bang-the-nails-in-the-wood-and-build-Mr.-Miyagi-a-treehouse-type-hammer!

Dancehall artist Bounty Killer was arrested last night (September 18th) in Jamaica for allegedly beating a woman in his apartment.

According to police, Bounty Killer is facing assault charges for striking the woman, who turned up at a police station badly bruised and bleeding, near the artist’s residence in St. Andrews. “She turned up here sometime after six and said that he used a hammer to beat her up,” said Deputy Superintendent, Altermoth Campbell.

Bounty Killer, born Rodney Price, will stand before a judge sometime next week to answer the charges. Just this past April, Bounty Killer was arrested by the Constant Springs Police, for striking his girlfriend. He then allegedly called the woman and threatened her in the presence of the police. All of the charges were dropped against Bounty Killer in that incident, because the woman eventually dropped the charges against the artist.It is unclear if the woman assaulted last night is the same woman who was beat in April of 2010.

Bounty Killer is also facing previous charges for possessing a firearm, possession of marijuana and other charges [AHH]

SMH. Don’t be astonished if BK makes headlines as the first rapper ever deported out of Jamaica. They’re mostly a peaceful bunch and he’s f*cking up a lotta highs.

Bounty Killer Accused Of Beating Woman With A Hammer [AHH]

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