Brad Pitt’s New Chanel No. 5 Ad Is Shockingly Not A Parody Of A Cheesy Fragrance Ad


The following is probably a conversation that happened between Brad Pitt and his agent recently…

Brad Pitt’s Agent: So I got a call from the Chanel No. 5 people. They want you for a new campaign.

Brad Pitt: You know I don’t do commercials.

Brad Pitt’s Agent: Yes, I know, but I think you should consider doing this. Here, take a look at the script.

Brad Pitt: Oh my God this is terrible. They really expect me to grow my hair back to Legends of the Fall length, look into a camera and say these cheesey lines?

Brad Pitt’s Agent: Looking directly into the camera is optional.

Brad Pitt: Look, I’m Brad Freaking Pitt, man. You know I don’t do crap like this.

Brad Pitt’s Agent
: Don’t you want to know how much they’re offering? (Slides sheet of paper with an obscenely large number scribbled on it.)

Brad Pitt: (Looking at the aforementioned piece of paper) Oh well f*ck it I’ll do it.

And that’s probably how this came to be.

Thanks for the tip, Paula!

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