In Which Brandon Meriweather Says All The Incendiary Things

10.28.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

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If there were fewer egregious personal fouls than normally committed by the Redskins’ defense on Sunday in Denver, it’s because safety Brandon Meriweather was inactive, serving his one-game suspension for hitting every receiver in the face. Meriweather, however, maintains a James Harrison-like defiance that he isn’t doing anything wrong. Instead, he claims that the problem lies with the league itself.

“To be honest, you’ve just got to go low now. You gotta end people’s careers. You gotta tear peoples ACLs. Mess up people’s knees. You can’t him them high anymore. You’ve just got to go low.”

With better phrasing, Meriweather actually has a cogent point, albeit one that’s been made frequently before. It should be noted that there are ways to tackle that don’t involve going low and destroying someone’s ligaments, though the NFL has certainly made it more difficult without drawing a penalty in certain situations. Brandon doesn’t seem like one for niceties, though.

Then someone told Meriweather that Brandon Marshall, who was on the business end of one of the safety’s head shots two weeks ago, said that Meriweather might be better off being removed from the league. Meriweather didn’t care for that and responded thusly:

“You tell me who you’d rather have: Somebody who play aggressive on the field, or somebody who beat up their girlfriend?”

AWWW DAYUM. Apparently someone neglected to tell Meriweather that the civil suit against Marshall for domestic battery was thrown out last year. Though even if you did, I doubt he would recant his comments.

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