Brandon Weeden Wants Out

02.12.14 4 years ago 37 Comments


With yet another shakeup in the front office, coaching staff and the fact that it’s Cleveland, quarterback/Doopy Pantz Brandon Weeden would like to doop for another team in 2014. Let the bidding war commence!

Doopy Pantz is still under contract, so it’s a little more complicated than the new GM laughing at him and showing him the door. Trading Weeden makes a lot more sense for the Browns than releasing him, not only for the astounding bounty that Weeden would surely fetch on the trade block. The team would have to eat $4.2 million in cap space by cutting him, whereas that figure drops to $2.15 million.

The Browns, for what it’s worth, have yet to make any indication that they are trying to get rid of Weeden, though it’s presumed that they’re use the first of their two first-round picks on a quarterback, just two years after taking Weeden late in the first. Brian Hoyer is still under contract for another year and looked impressive early in the year before suffering a season-ending injury. Oh, and Weeden does stuff like this:


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