Brave, Dumb Soul Takes Selfies Of His Face Exploding From An Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye

Senior Pop Culture Editor
02.07.13 13 Comments

Meet Pete (real name unknown, but he looks like a Pete). He’s a normal guy. Owns a phone, likes metal bands, loves tropical shower curtains, just like you and me. He’s also, , highly allergic to hair dye, something he wasn’t aware until he…dyed his hair. Naturally, instead of seeking medical help, he took selfies while his face ballooned into Sloth-like proportions. He probably wants to start a band of his own, Die from Dye.
(NOTE: UPROXX does not endorse allergic reactions, but if you’re gonna have one, please take photos. #lol)
Prepare to take a hair dye journey, from normal to freak Pete. It’s like a flipbook that swells as you turn the page!

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