Breesus Don’t Want Me for a Sunbeam

05.04.09 8 years ago 27 Comments

While you’re clicking “refresh” for this week’s Monday Afternoon Quarterbacking of Monday Morning Quarterback (Drew’s on vacation this week, so Punter’s filling in), here are some lovely creations from master of the Interwebs LSUfreek.  Like most Saints fans, freek has a justifiable love of Drew Brees, but I don’t know about these Photoshops.  I mean, I’ll allow that Brees might be the second coming of Christ, but healing Reggie Bush?  I doubt it.

If it weren’t Monday morning and we had something ready, these images would be worked into a new KSKharacter sketch, or maybe a “God explains…” post.  But it’s Monday and the offseason, so you’re just gonna have to close your eyes and pretend.  Kinda like how you have sex.

[tomb flies open]

Anyhoo, I guess it’s time for us to make Hurricane Katrina jokes.  A “flood” of them, perhaps?  Wokka wokka.

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