Brent Spiner Trolled a Vlog?

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07.29.11 2 Comments

If you don’t follow Brent Spiner’s Twitter, you really should, not least because if you think you know trolling, you have yet to see the master at work. Spiner loves mocking the obnoxious, and apparently it’s a habit that extends to the real world, as he likes to mercilessly screw with obnoxious fans, too.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in this vlog episode, wherein two schmucks from Texas completely forget there’s a massive t-shirt market out there and instead take their actually quite well-rendered drawing of Data fighting a Xenomorph to Spiner to have it signed. Then Spiner, while happily doing so even though obviously annoyed at being filmed, proceeds to screw with them for nearly five minutes. Video under the jump:

Also, I want that picture as a T-shirt. Seriously.

[ via the trollmasters at Blastr ]

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