Brett Favre Admits To Sending Voicemails To Sterger, But Not Interceptions To Defenders

10.24.10 7 years ago 124 Comments

A cheese cowboy hat? Christ, I can’t sincerely root for you assholes even against Brett Favre. While last week I said that I would prefer the Vikings to hang in contention long enough for them to truly disappoint the long-time sucker fans like Drew, who year after year wait enough time for the Vikes to crush their futile hopes for success.

No longer. Even if seeing the over-hyped Packers crushed underneath the weight of incredible and unreasonable expectation, the Vikings are too annoying to be allowed to continue playing in prime time games. So for the sake of all Sunday and Monday night games, let’s have the Vikings buried well before the flex game portion of season begins.

Granted, the Vikes only have one game on either Sunday or Monday night the rest of the season, but that’s one too many. STOP THE GUNSLINGING FOR A NATIONAL AUDIENCE! STOP IT NOW!

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