The OG Is Back On The Block

08.17.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

Brett Favre has done the same thing for the past two summers. People reacted the same exact way for the past two summers. And for the past two summers all I could do was laugh at the entire situation. I give old man Favre credit for stringing everybody along whether they wanted to or not. The entire formula is simple. When Brett isn’t around, the entire world talks sh!t. But when he comes back, they’ll watch him play again.

After the Vikings sent three players (Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and Ryan Longwell) to Mississippi for a sleepover to reclaim the QB, Budweiser Brett landed in Minnesota (presumably) ready to tackle his 20th season.

Brett Favre is back in Minnesota, stirring hope among Vikings fans that he may be ready to play this season.

A private jet trimmed in the Vikings’ purple and gold carrying the 40-year-old quarterback landed at an airport outside Minneapolis on Tuesday afternoon. Local TV stations carried Favre’s arrival live.

Favre’s website posted a message earlier saying “stay tuned for breaking news from the Minnesota Vikings today on Brett Favre’s possible return.” There’s still no official word from the team.

I’ll go out on a limb and say he’ll be at practice tomorrow morning. The term “coming back” bothers me because the guy technically didn’t leave and he’s still under contract. The person I want to hear from, however, is Tavaris Jackson. Talk about toying with emotions. The poor guy was probably holding on to a sliver of hope that he would be starter. Now he is once again relegated to another season of first string clipboard carrier and forced to look like he’s fine with the task in the meantime.

Regardless, this was a decision we all knew was coming. There was no way Favre was going to let that New Orleans gang mauling he took in January serve as his last hoo-rah. With slightly over three weeks away from returning to the scene of the crime, #4 appears to be back and I couldn’t be happier. It just all makes sense now.

Brett Favre is bigger than the game of football. That and potentially $20M is hard to say “no thank you” to.

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