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04.03.13 5 years ago 42 Comments

Brian Banks is the rare case in which “football player” and “rape” are mentioned and the football player is the victim. I mean, he wasn’t raped himself. That makes it sound like he was raped. He wasn’t raped. No, Banks was wrongly convicted of rape in high school, which derailed what was then a very promising football career. He served five years in prison before his accuser recanted her story.

Banks was exonerated last year and immediately resumed his quest to get back into football. After getting tryouts last year with three teams, he’s finally on an NFL team. Obviously, it’s no guarantee he’ll make the final roster, but it’s still a victory.

The Falcons already posted this image of Banks signing to their Instagram account. At first I thought wearing an exoneration hoodie is laying it on a little thick, but then if that happened to me I’d wear that shit all the time while flipping off cops.

— Bills continue to evaluate quarterback prospects even though they signed Kevin Kolb. What? It’s almost as though he’s not a long-term solution for them.

— Nnamdi Asomugha signed a one-year contract with the 49ers. Kind of want him to immediately revert to being an awesome corner just to piss off Eagles fans.

— Nate Solder shares his offensive linemen jokes with the kids.

— When Paul Rudd was a kid, he saw Terry Bradshaw’s dick in the Steelers locker room. Things like that either turn you into serial killers or a Hollywood celebrities. The human mind is a Gordian knot.

— The man accused of shooting Sean Taylor will finally stand trial in August, nearly six years after Taylor’s death. Nice work, judicial system.

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