Brian Hoyer Named Browns Starting Quarterback

08.20.14 3 years ago 49 Comments



Evidently, giving the finger to the opposing team’s bench isn’t the way for a rookie to win the starting job. Live and learn, I suppose.

Going into the Browns’ second preseason game, there was said to be a chance for Johnny Manziel to be Cleveland’s Week 1 starting quarterback if he put on a stellar performance. But Johnny Football struggled considerably against Washington, or at least as much as Brian Hoyer did. That means Hoyer will be the Browns starting quarterback for at least the first few weeks. Or possibly just against Pittsburgh, depending on how that goes.

There are good arguments to be made for whether or not you want to start an incoming rookie quarterback immediately. For some, it gets them inured to the pressures of the game so they can excel sooner. For others, especially if they’re in a bad situation, it can derail an otherwise promising career by destroying their confidence, not that Manziel has any lack of that.

It’s also possible to feel pretty good for Brian Hoyer, a career backup who finally got his chance to be a starter last season, then made the most of it by winning his only three starts before suffering a season-ending injury. Of course, this time around, people will be more interested in his failures just to see how quickly they can bring on Manziel.

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