Bridgewater at 33? The Mock Draft Industrial Complex Strikes Again!

04.21.14 3 years ago 32 Comments

teddy bridgewater

The other day, I was lying in bed at 1:30 in the afternoon like the lazy slob I am, when something on ESPN’s ticker caught my eye. The sentence read “33. Houston Texans – Teddy Bridgewater – QB (Louisville).” Wait, what? Bridgewater’s going to the second round now?! We care about Pro Days THAT much. Well, apparently that’s how Kiper has this going down in his latest mock draft.

I know Bridgewater’s stock took a hit lately (for reasons that make no fucking sense, but whatever), but having him fall all the way out of the first round seems like a huge overreaction, and frankly, it just seems a little too convenient. Like the Mock Draft Illuminati are desperately trying to find some way where the the Texans can take Clowney at #1, without having to deal with the fact that the top two quarterbacks on Houston’s depth chart right now are Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum. Having Bridgewater still be around at #33 fixes that mess right up.

But it seems pretty unrealistic. Even if Bridgewater’s stock is falling that rapidly, the odds are pretty slim that he’d go untouched for the entire first round. Remember, under the new rookie pay scale, taking a QB in the first round doesn’t force a team to stick with him for a half-decade anymore. Are the Titans so committed to Jake Locker that they wouldn’t pick Bridgewater up if given the opportunity? And even if they are, what about the Broncos, who pick at #31? Right now, their plan is “try really hard to win a Super Bowl while Peyton’s here, then who the fuck knows.” If Peyton’s potential successor is just lying there at #31, they won’t pick him up? Yes, there a few other areas where the Broncos could get slightly better, but planning for the post-Peyton era has to be something of a priority, and I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t jump on the opportunity to take Bridgewater and have him learn under Peyton for a few years.

This mock draft seems like it was written by an over-enthusiastic Texas fan, getting increasingly shitfaced, telling you through slurred speech that getting Clowney and Bridgewater “coud totalllly fuhkin happen, bro!” Kiper could have at least had the Texans use the second-round pick to trade into the first round, then it wouldn’t be quite so unrealistic. But no, he had to go for the complete pie-in-the-sky scenario, where somehow Houston’s franchise quarterback just happens to hang around for another round.

Look, there’s a case to be made for Houston taking Clowney at No. 1, and letting the QB situation slide for awhile. Keenum had a few games where he looked he really good, and while it’s hard to look past his 0-8 record as a starter, it should be noted that it wasn’t really his fault. The team was an utter fucking mess, and while I wouldn’t quite use the word “tanking,” it’s not a stretch to think that once they fell to, say, 2-8, winning wasn’t the highest priority. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to give him a fresh start this year on a team that hasn’t gone completely in the gutter. If nothing else, talking yourself into Keenum’s year two potential is a better idea than desperately hoping Bridgewater will be around in round 2.

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