Broncos-Chargers Live Blog, Second Half

10.15.12 5 years ago 863 Comments

This is the dream losing scenario for Peyton Manning apologists. The first 10 Chargers points came as a result of fumbles by the Broncos special teams. Eric Decker broke free on a deep throw, only to trip over the 45 yard line. A few plays later, confusion over the route read led to a San Diego pick-six.

The Chargers have barely had to do anything so far to dominate, though they did add a second Antonio Gates touchdown with 24 seconds left in the half to give Denver their customary 20+ point deficit going into the second half. San Diego hasn’t been without some derps of its own. Philip Rivers was twice flagged for false start handsturbating during the snap count. It’s a new point of emphasis and Rivers was fittingly emphatic in calling the refs every permutation of vulgarity + face.

Keep the miscues coming, boys. This ain’t a great gamne but it’s superb viewing.

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