Broncos-Falcons Live Blog — Second Half

09.17.12 5 years ago 479 Comments

Oh, what a sublimely horrific first half. Peyton Manning and the scab refs staged a race to the bottom. Peyton wobbled ducks and was said to be confused by Mike Nolan’s schemes. The replacement refs were confused by the rest. Still, even as bad as they are, John Fox challenged a penalty for 12 men on the field and lost. So score that one for the scabs. Peyton threw three picks in roughly the first half of the first quarter, but Battleship still got one of those end of the half scores to keep the “no one is better than Peyton in the final two minutes” fluffing going strong through the break.

Mike Tirico, at one point during an incompetence-related delay, wished to assure us that, God bless ’em, these scab refs arejust undersized sixth round picks who aren’t big school first-round glory boys like the regular refs. It was a putrescent talking point straight out of the ventriloquist hand of Roger Goodell.

Goodell is engaging in cartoonish supervillainy, so only right to force him into a certoonish wrasslin; fued with Stone Cold. It’s just gonna end with The Rog getting a Stunner at midfield of the Superdome and having Abita poured on his face.

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