Broncos ingest cheese mascot to appease football gods

01.19.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


And, lo, did Peyton come down from the mountain, carrying two tablets.

And, lo, did Peyton present these to the people of Denver, declaring, “Thy football gods have spoken, people of the Rockies, and, lo, must we obey their decree lest we lose to the dread Beelzebub Belichik himself.”

Then did Peyton read from the Book Of Decker, and, hence, announced, “And thou shalt make an image in the likeness of thy mascot, made entirely of cheese, and feed to the hungry, unwashed media masses. And we shall be happy.”

No word if the Prophet Elway blessed the crackers. We await Peter King’s pick for a good beer pairing.

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