Bills-Browns Live Blog, First Half

10.03.13 4 years ago 731 Comments


I live outside D.C. so I know a bunch of federal government employees who are presently out of work because of the shutdown. They grouse to me about it and I counter, “Oh yeah, well my job is to spend Thursday night covering the Browns-Bills game.” They perk right up.

When this game was first scheduled, the biggest storyline around it was a stupid Kevin Costner movie. That’s right, there’s a forthcoming movie called “Draft Day” that stars Costner as an NFL general manager. Initially, Costner was supposed to be the GM of the Bills in the movie, but it got switched to the Browns mostly because it’s cheaper to film in Ohio.

Yup, that was the big storyline for this game.

But you know what? It’s actually turned out to be more interesting than the dumpster fire that most envisioned when a Browns-Bills game comes to mind. That isn’t to say it’s objectively compelling, just better than expected.

I mean, who expected both the Browns and Bills to have MULTIPLE wins after four games? Probably not a lot of people. And the Bills are coming off a victory over the defending Super Bowl champions, which is impressive even if Joe Flacco is the quarterback they defeated. Meanwhile, stopgap Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is ballin’ out as only a journeyman career backup can. And the Cleveland defense is borderline impressive.

So I’ll be watching because it’s my job. Feel free to join along. But I feel confident it’s not going to be as terrible as it could have been. Yes, I know. I really know how to sell ’em.

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