Browns Games: Now With Wiener Dog Races

07.09.13 4 years ago 18 Comments


Like all NFL teams, the Cleveland Browns remain committed to improving the gameday experience for their fans. No, that doesn’t mean adding cheerleaders, or installing a giant video board. And it certainly doesn’t mean improving the team. Nope, instead Browns games will have wiener dog races.

One game a year the fastest wiener dogs in the Midwest will put their “speed” to the test. The dogs will line up at the 50 yard line and Chomps (the Browns mascot) will wave a green flag. The dogs will then awkwardly run towards the end zone. First dog to the Dawg pound wins.

Win two races in a row and you get Brandon Weeden’s job.

Anyway, nice try, Browns, but this is no match for the dog-riding monkeys in Denver.

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