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03.19.14 4 years ago 29 Comments

Bruce Pearl’s First Con, And The World That Created A Monster [Deadspin]

What Happens If The Missing Malaysia Plane Is Never Found? [AP]

The Countries That Buy And Sell The Most Weapons [The Economist]

Heather B, The First Lady Of Reality TV [The Urban Daily]

Seattle News Helicopter Crashes Near Space Needle Killing 2 [NY Daily News]

Childish Gambino On the Process of Dissing and Getting Dissed [Complex]

The Secret To Success Is Sweatpants [WSJ]

Wal-Mart To Allow Shoppers To Exchange Used Games For Groceries [The Star]

5 Tips For Getting the Shoes You Want, No Matter Where You Live [STACK]

Meet Millie Brown, the Woman Who Puked on Lady Gaga at SXSW [Bullett Media]

This Scrabble-Playing Robot Is Only Good At Hurling Insults [WSJ]

Former Elementary School Lunch Lady Jailed For Paying Kids $1 To Beat Up Classmate [MLive]

Is This The Darkest Ending In Pr0n History? [Kernal Mag]

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